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We are more than just

Cloud Security Experts

Embrace360 was founded by Microsoft veterans. We are an IT firm providing the latest cloud technology services to small, medium and large businesses via the Microsoft technology platform. Analyst project data usage (email, social networking, cloud storage, online archival) will increase at a rate of over 30%, while IT professionals who maintain and monitor the context will grow by less than 1.5%. Embrace360 picks up your IT slack. Expert. Tailored. Cost-effective. Secure.





Our expertise is in helping organizations understand and maximize the benefits of moving legacy mail systems to Office 365. embrace360 project consultants are multi-certified and award winning IT professionals with over 17 years of experience in the technology field.

Our team of experts deliver a uniquely designed deployment experience. embrace360 solutions are tailored and specific to each client's needs industry demands. We make sure your sensitive, proprietary and confidential information stays within your organization and eliminate the threat of data loss without creating roadblocks or inconveniences for end users.

Regulations like HIPAA and PCI demand increased data privacy which means the potential loss of sensitive information carries legal and financial risks. embrace360 professionals help businesses leverage cloud services and achieve seamless migration transitions on a secured platform, while reducing administrative hassle and cutting cost.

Security should be at the forefront of planning and not an afterthought. Moving an organization from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud requires serious security and privacy considerations. embrace360 experts help assess your needs and deliver enterprise-grade security to address your business demands.

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